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Digital Dental Radiography (X-Rays) in Naples, FL

During a new patient consultation we compiled detail information about your oral health verbally and visually. Your health records are kept in digitally which makes storing and transferring records to your hometown dentist easier.

Another added bonus of digital x-rays is the fact that they are well…digital! That means we can more accurately display and highlight troubled areas by utilizing enhancing tools and resources during your time with the dentist.

Below you will find some of the great advantages of why we use digital radiography at Island Coast Dentistry.

1. Less radiation exposure

When you using quality equipment, your patients are seeing your practice more favorably. Most patients today are concerned about radiation exposure, and using the conventional type of radiography can make your visit feel radioactive. Typically digital radiography will use less radiation, sometimes more than 75% less than regular radiography.

2. Enhances x-ray images

Digital x-rays allow you to control how each image is exposed, so you are able to make your images lighter or darker on demand. It’s also possible enlarge your images, enhance the color, and also superimpose textures.

When you have these features, it improves the ability to detect any disease and find out what stage or state it’s in. these features also can provide you with immediate visuals so that you are able to educate patients. This is going to help speeding up diagnosis and treatments.

3. Quality of X-rays are enhanced

Detail and clarity are essential when it comes to dental x-rays. The digital equipment will provide image quality which surpasses the regular film, showing tiny imperfections and fractures that film might not show.

4. Digital patient records

Paper charts being filed, organized, and stored can often be a real pain. With the digital equipment, you’re able to eliminate filing and storing the images. You can access the digital images that are in your database from any of the networked computers directly from software that’s used for viewing images. It’s also possible to scan as well as store all of the x-rays you already have in that database, meaning it’s possible to free up more space.

5. No chemicals

It’s a pain to have to deal with the chemicals and solutions for developing pictures.

6. Time & productivity savings

With digital radiography, we are saving you a lot of time by reducing it to mere seconds. The images are stored instantly and you can view them on the computer. You don’t have to go through a lot of files to find the right image. When insurance companies and specialists need x-rays, we can send them quickly and easily over the Internet.

7. Images aren’t lost

You don’t have to worry about losing radiographs. They are stored and you don’t have to worry about films being misplaced or separated. Regularly backing up files ensures that they are safe and secure.

We have found that it’s much easier, faster, and cleaner than other kinds of radiography. It makes things a lot easier and quicker for everyone, and it frees up precious space in your office. Think about getting digital radiography equipment for your office today and see what a difference it will make in your practice and in your day to day operations with your staff and with the patients you treat.

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